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  • Hydronic Layout Design and Quotes
  • Tankless Water Heater Sizing
  • Commercial Spec Water Heater Sizing
  • Heat Loss Calculations for Residential and Light-Duty Commercial
  • Complete Sheet Metal Takeoffs and Quotations
Design an Effective System

Hydronic Layout Design and Quotations

Designing high performance hydronic heating systems requires a good understanding of heat transfer, electricity, fluid mechanics, and control theory, plus a myriad of architectural issues. There’s always something new to learn and consider for future jobs. Regardless of how long you’ve been at it, this knowledge helps you make each new system better than the last. Need help? Contact the experts here at Penstan.

Calculate Heat Loss First

Heat Loss Calculations for Residential and Light-Duty Commercial

The first and most important step in sizing a furnace is to do the heat loss calculation. This is what Penstan can help you do. When you are finished you will have a number that is the Design Heat Loss of the house or building.

Heat loss of a house is the number of BTUs lost each hour when the inside of the house is at the inside design temperature and the outside is at the winter outside design temperature.

Tankless Water Heater Sizing

Tankless water heater is based on three things:

  1. Temperature of water entering the unit (groundwater temp).
  2. Desired temperature of water exiting the unit, together these two items determine the temperature rise required for the tankless water heater.
  3. the required hot water flow rate based on shower heads and faucets.

Commercial Spec Water Heater Sizing

Specializing in medium to large capacity water heaters for commercial applications. Hospitals, dormitories, apartments, correctional facilities and military barracks.

Complete Sheet Metal Takeoffs and Quotations

Custom solutions designed for sheet metal ductwork and fittings for the HVAC industry. Adaptable for your company needs to produce quotations for rectangular, spiral, and oval duct fittings and accessories for complete and accurate quotes.